Welcome to Ron Chapman, Shipwright, Inc.

Ron Chapman-Shipwright, Inc.

324 E. Solidelle St.    Chalmette, LA 70043

Phone: (504) 277-6526   E-Mail: steve@pirogue.com

Our Company Manufactures:  Welcome to Ron Chapman, Shipwright, Inc.

Ron Chapman & Steve Geraci
Ron Chapman-Shipwright, Inc.

Welcome to Ron Chapman, Shipwright, Inc.

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Ron Chapman has produced the finest pirogues in Louisiana for the past 30-plus years. Each boat is fabricated with hand-laid, primary-bonded fiberglass mattes and woven rovens. Craftsmen finish each hull with a synthetically reinforced bottom, foam seat flotation, and Cypress gunwales.

These elements combine to provide an inexpensive & durable craft that allows access to places typically beyond reach as described in national magazines. They come in five  sizes:
Copperhead, Cottonmouth, Canebrake, King, and Mud Bug.


New!Superior 20-Step Building Process
* Louisiana Sportsman Magazine Article

Filmmaker/Photographer, Arnold Eagle's
vintage 1949 film, at Folkstream: The Pirogue Maker - https://tinyurl.com/y8gur5nu

We now offer a variety of paddles designed for strength, durability, and effectiveness. These paddles come in 2-kinds of wood, 2-lengths, and 2-styles...
2-2-2! All paddles are made from one piece of wood
. . . NOT laminated!






 New Rigid Vinyl Rails






Spudhole Location


Buffet Boats are replicas of traditional hunting, fishing and pleasure craft constructed with elevated bottoms (and drains are available as needed). They provide a nautical flair to buffets, parties, and food shows. Acclaimed in national magazines.

Buffet Boats are inexpensive, durable, attractive, lightweight, and multi-purpose. These food display appliances are designed to satisfy many food service needs and can withstand the abuses of commercial operations. Order yours today!

Buffet Boats

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Images of Ron Chapman Shipwright, Inc. buildings
immediately after Katrina 08-29-05